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“Own Your Media” The meaning behind the quote:

The world of media is ever changing and becoming more and more important to marketing, outreach and overall success of your project or business. It is even more important to “Own Your Media”. Don’t allow others to collect, data, analytics, placement, and overall return. AZ Media Inc. helps to provide a solution to every part of your Media journey. With over 18 years of experience, AZ Media Inc’s staff includes producers, videographers, editors, creators. They have worked on an array of productions which include: feature films, nationwide event video broadcasts, and start up media companies. Located across the country: Arizona, New York, Florida, California and Washington D.C. AZ Media Inc. was founded to provide the solution to the Gap between Creative and Business. 

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Our Services

AZ Media Inc offers a wide range of Media Solutions for your project, film or business. With extensive experience in Content Creation and Delivery, AZ Media Inc. can help you take your media to the next level. From Live Streaming large scale events to Drone shots from the mountain tops, AZ Media Inc. has the resources and the knowledge to capture that perfect moment.


Media Solutions

Need a team of experts to help grow your business or a skillful tech who can advise you on your media approach? We can provide both! Whether you’re looking to expand your audience or simply grow your marketing model, we can offer you media solutions to make sure these goals are met.


Live Streaming

Have a seminar or event that you would like to broadcast LIVE? We can provide to you the best quality live broadcast services Arizona has to offer. With our extensive experience in live productions, we will make sure your message is heard!


Creative Consultant

Have an idea for a video but dont know the in’s and out’s of how to make it happen? No worries, our team of creative consultants are here for you to put your mind at ease. Tell us your idea, what the overall message is and the feeling you wish to convey, and we will put it all together for you!

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From Live Concerts to Corporate Events and from Drone Shots to Commercials AZ Media Inc. has the experience and the tools to bring your media to the next level.

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